The light that COMSCA brings

The life of Rubelyn Somblante, 26, wasn’t always that easy. Married at the age of 19, she started very young to bear the hardships she and her family encountered. Her husband, Roldan, is a small-time farmer. They have three sons – John Clark, 7, Jonas, 4, and Baby James, 2.

They live in a simple house made of nipa and wooden materials in a peaceful rural community in Barangay Tuburan in Ubay, Bohol. Roldan’s income in farming is just enough for their daily expenses. Sometimes, they would fall short especially in spending for John Clark’s education.

Living in darkness

Rubelyn’s children were raised in a home with no electricity. Being used to a simple life, she never dreamed of having home appliances. But having a glimmering light bulb for their light at night was all she ever hoped for.

“It was really hard for us. Sometimes, I would cry silently when I see my son (John Clark) make his assignments with only the flickering light of oil lamp,”

Rubelyn said with a shuddering voice

Her son would often ask her about when they will have electricity connection. She would just send her children to their grandmother’s house to study and watch TV.          

“Roldan and I were worried about John Clark. His studies were affected because he can’t read his books properly at night,”

The young mother added.

Light of COMSCA

A year ago, her friendly neighbor, Leonarda Cutang, introduced her to COMSCA savings. Without a single hint of hesitation, she instantly registered for COMSCA after she learned its way of sharing funds during the training.

After months of being a member, she loaned for her first project – electricity connection in their house. She could not contain her excitement when she was about to tell her family that they will have electricity connection.

“My family really cheered for joy after the electrician told us that we can already switch our light bulb on,” Rubelyn remembered. “John Clark was the happiest. He was gleaming with joy. He couldn’t stop reading his books.”

Rubelyn also allows his eldest son to join COMSCA kids in their community. According to her, she wants to share the value of saving money to her son.

“COMSCA is really a blessing for my family. I learned to save money and spend it wisely. I always remember how COMSCA brought light to our home.”

Rubelyn smiled

Indeed, World Vision’s COMSCA Saving has helped communities and families realize their dreams. They weren’t just helped in their economic capacity but also on their attitude towards spending.

Through COMSCA, World Vision brought light to the life of Rubelyn and to the lives of thousands more COMSCA members in the entire country.

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